We launch a new programme to help fund British seed-stage businesses

The first business to go through Crowdcube’s Sprint Programme funds in less than 2 hours We have launched a dedicated scheme, the Sprint Programme, to help British start-ups raise finance. The programme, which is aimed at seed-stage businesses looking to raise between £20,000 and £150,000, will provide early stage start-ups with a quicker and more cost… Read More »

JustPark triples investment target on Crowdcube, raising £3.7 million from 2,900 investors

JustPark closes largest technology equity crowdfunding round in UK’s history Campaign reaches highest total investment amount on Crowdcube and has the biggest overfund Parking app’s pitch attracts record number of investors, as 2,900 people join existing backers BMW i Ventures and Index Ventures JustPark, the pioneering app and website that connects parking space owners with drivers… Read More »

Sharing Economy is growing faster than Facebook, Google and Yahoo combined

Sharing Economy estimated at $15 billion in just 7 years, compared to the combined growth of Facebook, Google and Yahoo of $11 billion A major new study from compareandshare.com ‘What We Know About the Global Sharing Economy’, brings together all of the economic data for the first time on the international potential and growth of… Read More »


JustPark breaks crowdfunding records

JustPark is the 200th business to fund on Crowdcube, taking the total invested in British businesses on the site to more than £60 million Parking app’s pitch attracts 3x more investors than any other pitch in Crowdcube’s history – more than 2,350 people have joined existing backers BMW iVentures and Index Ventures, investing £1.7 million… Read More »