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The Crowdcube Awards 2014

We want the Crowdcube awards to recognise great achievements and for that reason we were overjoyed that the process of choosing this year’s winners was such a difficult one. As ever the quality of the entries was incredibly high, but ultimately we had to name our winners. So without further ado and with a massive sense of pride, we announce the winners of the 2014 awards:



lend me your literacyWe had a phenomenal number of votes for the the People’s Choice Award and we’re very pleased to announce that Lend Me Your Literacy, winner of Service Business of the Year has won this category.

The judges said: “Lend Me Your Literacy have fully demonstrated their universal appeal by winning this award. Children’s education is a hot topic which they are addressing head on.”



zero carbon foods
Backed by celebrity chef Michel Roux Jr. and Florette’s Managing Director, Zero Carbon Food utilises redundant underground spaces in London to produce leafy greens, herbs and micro greens using LED lights and hydroponics and raised £580,810 from 482 investors.

The judges commented: “Zero Carbon Food exhibited all the qualities of a fantastic crowdfunding campaign, pitching an innovative idea and bringing it to life through a cohesive and well executed marketing campaign. Altogether an outstanding pitch which ignited the imagination and interest of the crowd.

Runners Up: CrowdfundereasyProperty.comCell TherapyBitReserve


pip and nut1Pip & Nut makes a range of nut butters which capitalise on the consumer demand for natural, sugar-free and protein rich food, and raised £120,000 from 81 investors.

The judges commented: “Hardworking, diligent and a born entrepreneur, from day one Pippa has been an inspiration and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Runners Up: Scaramouche & FandangoCauli-RiceBitreservePowervault



Chilango is a London based chain of seven fast-service Mexican restaurants serving award-winning burritos, tacos, salads and more, which raised £2,035,000 from 709 investors.

The judges commented: “With a brand, team and business ethos that would be the envy of many others Chilango was always a favourite for our coolest brand of 2014.”

Runners Up: Scaramouche & FandangoZero Carbon FoodClear Water RevivalLovespaceMonsieur Notebook



SuperJam is an award winning producer of 100% fruit jams created by Fraser Doherty MBE raised £333,020 from 367 investors.

The judges commented: “By telling his incredible and inspiring story as part of his pitch Fraser clearly showed his entrepreneurial talent and passion for his brand, and was well rewarded for his efforts. A three minute masterclass in what makes a successful pitch.”

Runners Up: BitreserveGood EggRollasoleFarmdrop


Hubbub provides universities with branded crowdfunding platforms, enabling them to fundraise for student, society and faculty projects and raised £395,470 from 176 investors.

The judges commented: “To achieve what they have in a field where so many others have failed is what makes Hubbub so special. For that reason Hubbub is a fitting winner for online business of the year.”

Runners Up: EstatesDirect.comGrubClubGamesGrabrPropertyMoose



Wayv Technologies has developed an innovative, highly portable handheld microwave and raised £150,000 from 39 investors.

The judges commented: “Innovative, impressive and utterly unexpected Wayv Technologies have managed to take something familiar and completely reinvent our understanding of its potential.”

Runners Up: RollerscootRollasoleMindfloodBearaBearaBerryWhite


eden project
The Eden Project is an educational charity and visitor attraction in Cornwall, famous for its biomes housing the world’s largest rainforest in captivity and raised £1.5m from 354 investors.

The judges commented: “As one of the UK’s Top 10 attractions the Eden Project has become synonymous with sustainability in the UK, and by opening their pitch to the crowd they have stayed true to their ethical and inclusive credentials.”

Runners Up: Solar Cloth CoFloodkitRenovagenDisarmcoPlan Bee


powered now
Powered Now aims to help the Field Services industry computerise their sales and administration processes and raised £584,870 from 159 investors.

The judges commented: “Like many start-ups PoweredNow have realised a niche where there previously was none. Efficient, practical and well-crafted they are the perfect winner for best Startup of the year.”

Runners Up: Atlantic KitchenPowervaultCell TherapyPulmorphixPip & Nut


Shopwave enables an iPad to become the hub of retail businesses at point of sale, with an estimated market worth $42bn globally and raised £340,710 from 214 investors.

The judges commented: “Fronted by a very strong team and building on their previous success Shopwave have developed a platform that is cool, innovative and used great tech to succeed where others have failed.”

Runners Up: EnisticHealth ConnectedPowered NowHubbub


lend me your literacy
Lend Me Your Literacy is an award-winning educational platform which aims to raise literacy standards by showcasing children’s writing to a worldwide audience and raised £171,060 from 98 investors.

The judges commented: “Giving your users the opportunity to have their work published reach and reach a global audience is something to be really proud of, and even more so when most of those users are under the age of 10.”

Runners Up: Twenty Something LondonThe doNationmyBarristerLawbite

Congratulations to both the winners and the runners up, we’ll be keeping an eye on your progress over 2015.

Thanks so much to everyone for making 2014 the amazing year that it was and we look forward to doing this again next year 🙂