The story behind MyShowcase

I’m Nancy Cruickshank, the Founder and CEO of MyShowcase and I wanted to tell you a bit more about the story of MyShowcase.

Back in 2012, MyShowcase was just an idea. The idea arose because I felt there was something lacking in the way women shopped for and discovered beauty.

Traditionally, women encountered faceless counters in sprawling department stores pushing one specific product or brand without understanding the needs of the consumers. It felt entirely impersonal.

With women spending over £100,000 on beauty in their lifetime (that’s £126 per month), it was clear this just wasn’t good enough. Women were receiving an underwhelming and unfulfilling service in a huge market with staggering potential and so, MyShowcase was born!


We’re on a mission at MyShowcase to not only to provide a truly personal beauty advisory service for women, bringing together over 50 of the best independent and curated beauty brands but to also redefine the way women shop and work – something we’re truly passionate about.

I’m previously been called a serial entrepreneur, with MyShowcase being my third business. In my career, I’ve previously built and sold two successful businesses, Smove and, the latter of which she sold to Hearst for $30m.

I’m proud to have been named as one of the Inspiring50 ’50 most inspiring Women in Tech in Europe’ in both 2015 and 2016. Together with my partners-in-crime, Rodrigo Dauster and Olivier Beau de Lomenie, we set out to build a truly multi-brand, multi-channel personal beauty advisory service.

I began my career at Vogue, before launching Conde Nast Online in 1995 which sparked my addiction of building and creating businesses using technology. I’d say it was this role that sparked my ambition to become a tech entrepreneur.

As well as helping consumers discover beauty products, MyShowcase is also redefining the way women work. Through MyShowcase, women can sign up as Stylists to work flexibly and create their own home-based business empires. MyShowcase is a tech-enabled business that builds the confidence of their Stylists by giving them the technology, tools, platform and support they need to be successful.

For the 50 independent beauty brands that are curated by MyShowcase, they’re able to to find a route to market which is so often unattainable through traditional sales channels, selling to consumers all around the UK via MyShowcase’s network of passionate and driven Stylist entrepreneurs. For many of these brands, MyShowcase is the key sales channel.

MyShowcase truly is out to change the entire beauty industry for consumers, Stylists and brands.

Of course, as three tech entrepreneurs with a big mission to change an industry, we can’t do it alone. It’s why myself, Rodrigo and Olivier have worked incredibly hard to build our Stylist network, seeing 15x growth from 150 Stylists two years ago to 1,500 today. It’s also why we’ve built an experienced, driven, management team to help bring the vision for MyShowcase to fruition. Today, our management team brings experience from like-minded businesses such as Jamie-at-Home and Pampered Chef to high-growth tech startups including Unruly, uSwitch, Huddle, and It’s this knowledge and experience within our management team that truly establishes MyShowcase as a business set for a stellar 2017.

This year, we will turnover £3m, and next year we plan to double that figure. With plans to also double the size of our Stylist network, 2017 looks to be a standout year for MyShowcase as we strive towards our mission to disrupting the traditional £17bn beauty industry with a multi-brand, multi-channel personal beauty advisory service.

We’re so excited to be crowdfunding on Crowdcube, raising £750,000 to scale up MyShowcase. We’re now 80% of the way there but there’s still plenty of time to get involved and we’d love you to join us on our journey!

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Feel free to email me at [email protected].