Conservative Party Start Up Hub

Crowdcube wins Conservative Party search for Britain’s top entrepreneurs

Crowdcube has won a national competition at the Conservative Party Conference to find Britain’s top start-ups. During the conference this week, Crowdcube was voted by the delegates as the winner of the 2013 Start-up Initiative and was rewarded with a Fujitsu M532 tablet. Crowdcube is one of a dozen British start-up businesses that showcased their… Read More »

Equity Crowdfunding – what’s the payback for investors?

It’s fairly obvious for us to say we’re big fans of equity crowdfunding. But that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the risks – far from it in fact, our website has many risk warnings and points out the need to diversify investments. This is because we believe it is right to point out the investing… Read More »

Financial Services Authority (FSA)

Crowdcube is authorised by the FSA

Crowdcube, the world’s first equity crowdfunding website, today announced that it is now authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The authorisation makes Crowdcube the only regulated equity crowdfunding platform where investors can become direct shareholders in UK businesses. Crowdcube is a world leading innovator in the business finance sector and has raised over £5… Read More »

Open Letter from the Peer‐to‐Peer Finance Industry to EU and UK Policy‐makers on the Need for a Clear Regulatory Framework

December 7th, 2012 Economic recovery is being hampered by the failure of our financial system to enable the efficient flow of savings to people and businesses who need capital.1 Banks have become even less willing and able to lend to the productive economy since the 2008 crisis. Insufficient competition in the markets for consumer and business… Read More »

Obama backs crowdfunding revolution in the US

US Crowdfunding JOBS Act passed by House

With internet-based crowdfunding raising millions of dollars for charitable organisations and non-profits, the momentum has picked up for legislation that would allow American small businesses to raise money the same way. On March 8 2012, the House approved the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups) Act which includes legislation allowing entrepreneurs to source funding from the… Read More »