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Building a well-diversified portfolio

With new investment opportunities added to Crowdcube every week, investors can choose from startups, early and growth stage businesses from a brewery to a challenger bank, a consumer brand or even an airship – the choice is yours. When investing, particularly in seed or early stage businesses, it is important to diversify your portfolio by… Read More »

Crowdcube Bonds: building a portfolio

Eight companies have successfully raised over £10.9 million from more than 3,250 individual investments in bonds on Crowdcube. To date, investors have received over £400,000 in interest payments from five companies. There are currently three bonds live on the platform, Sourced Market, POD Point and Fonehouse, all of which are raising growth finance. According to the Nesta, it is… Read More »

Moody’s Analytics data set to help investors assess bonds on Crowdcube

We will now be presenting investors with output from Moody’s Analytics’ private company risk model to help them assess the bond investment opportunities listed on the site. Square Pie and Vanarama are the first to display the new Probability of Default (POD) figure that represents a probability that the business issuing the mini-bond will default on… Read More »

The Crowdcube Mini-Bond

If you are yet to invest in a Crowdcube Mini-Bond, we have compiled all the information you need to know how they work. Our mini-bond enables more established businesses to raise investment from the crowd. Interest payments are paid p.a., typically 6-8% each year and the initial investment into the company is repaid at the end of the fixed term. An… Read More »